Friday, February 10, 2012

wow. time for a refresher.

Well, its time we added a somethings to this blog. I am not sure how many people still visit this page, but there is too much to just delete it. SO, hold tight.. we will be adding stories and lots of pics shortly.

Than for keeping up with us.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

summer time

It's 11:49 at night on a Friday. Just put the two oldest boys to bed after a movie, icecream, and popcorn (some of which I retrieved out of Sam's right nostril).

Well why not. It's summer.

The weather may still not quite have a clue (its 65 degrees outside as I type), but the mosquito bites on my arm and the massive heat wave that consumes the back roooms of my apartment have convinced me.

I am not going to say a whole lot. Just wanted to get some pictures up and tell everyone briefly about how much better my kids are tthan everyone elses. Then I will try and sleep through the punks lighting off fireworks a block away...

Well, the boys so far are enjoying the great weather. It feels like we have been wating years to be able to get up and go on walks in the morning. Yes, I know many people would do this any time of the year, but.. I hate the cold that much. Elliott started soccer and has so far been great and is loving his games. He wears his uniform pretty much everywhere and begs me all day everyday to go to another game. Sam watches and cheers (and cries) from the sidelines. He REALLY wants to be out there with the big kids. Our bambino is just as much fun and trouble as usual, and he keeps me on my toes nearly every minute of the day with his curious mind. He is such a sweet boy.. he really is. Constant comedy and adventure, especially when trying to feed the baby jolly ranchers. Now that Isaac is more than enjoying baby food, Sam thinks everything is game. We really have to watch him even closer than usual. I wasn't sure that was possible. All these kids are starting to wear mw out! Isaac is crawling and has a very determined mind set. What he wants he goes for and he doesn not like you to stop him! He is discovering his voice more and more through other means besides crying, like shreeking and growling and other strange and entertaining sounds. He has an amazing strength about him physically, and a smile that never quits.

Well, enjoy the pics. And your summer. Don't forget the sunblock.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello end of April.. (what?).

Not sure where this month went but I am glad we are getting closer to warmer weather. Yes, I am ignoring the 5 feet of snow that fell over night. Glad its about over though, as April tends to be the most trying of all months in our years.. and this one wasn't much different.

After much excitement, planning, packing and all the other fun and not so fun things that go along with moving, we ended up just staying where we are. Learned my lesson about moving into large company run apartment complexes... Still, even though things are a little cramped here in our 2 bedroom 1 bathroom abode, we are happy to be staying and waiting to find a place that will be better for us. I still have my wonderful view of the moutian, the gracious sun that floods my living room every morning, and a balcony and courtyard that I can feel safe with my children running and playing on while I'm inside cleaning.. or blogging.. or editing while enjoying copious amounts of coffee.

April also brought with it some physical challenges for me. For two months now I have been dealing with chronic muscle pain, and this month I decided to try and figure out what was causing it, but so far no luck. Blood work shows nothing, chiropractor can't pinpoint any problems, so it has been temporarliy diagnosed as "fibromyalgia" or a "virus". I will be getting massage and am trying to cut down on yeasts in my diet to see if that will help. I'm sure stress is a factor as well (really?.. no...), but I'm not quite sure anything can be done about my parent-noia... Anyways, giving it time and being hopeful that whatever it is it will eventually leave me alone. So far I can function with a little herbal muscle relaxers or massive bad doses of Ibuprofen. All I know it nothing can knock this girl down. I got plans....

Still trying to find time to work on all my 'projects'. I wish I could be paid in advance all the millions I will make off my book or something so I could hire a nanny to watch the kids so I could actually get things done. In time I guess.


Busy busy hungry kids.

I never knew how much food little boys had to consume. I may need those millions for groceries instead...

Elliott is still spending a large amount of time drawing. He has shifted from trains to super heroes, his favorite being Teen Titans and Superman. Oh and Link ofcourse (like that will ever not be his favorite). He's truley gifted. He builds amazing structures with the blocks his grandma Melanie just got him. I plan to post a whole blog of his accomplishments soon. I am looking into any art or creative programs for him to join this summer. He still runs faster than any kid I know, so maybe sports need to happen as well. His big brother status has a thumbs up in the Isaac department, but 2 thumbs down in the Sam department. They are not good friends, and it makes for a lot of grumpy days in this house. Hopefully by this time next year we will be somewhere that he can have his own room and that should improve things, yes?

Sambambilam.... he is a machine. Strong and defiant and really really cute. He is learning that screaming really really loud or automatic exagerrated crying will get our attention when he doesnt get his way or Elliott is bothering him. Which is often. At least he makes up for it with all his comedic antics. He is a performer, and he is well aware of it. He is leaping in bounds with his vocabulary and speech. I have to say it makes me proud to have so many people compliment how smart he is. With all the falls, bumps and bangs he receives, I was getting a little worried.

Bee-Ack! Ok, I'm not really sure how to go about spelling it, but thats how Sam first pronounced baby Isaac, and somehow it stuck and thats all we really call him now. He is amazing, kissable and such a great baby. At his 4 month old check up recently we found that he will most likely be tall like Elliott (where did they get that from) and that he is performing at 6 month old levels in his skills. I dont think it will be much longer before he starts scooting around, but so far rolling everywhere seems to work well for him. He is starting to get much more vocal, fun how it comes at the same time he gets a lot more drooly.... His brothers make him giggle, and man is he ticklish.

We are all looking forward to better weather for park days and night time walks. This has been a long cold winter/ spring, and as beautiful as it is, we are ready for more colors popping out of the trees and ground and that delicious warm sun our skin. No real vacation plans for the summer, though we hope to spend a lot of time in the moutians and deserts exploring and teaching the kids that there is life outside of the television...


Friday, February 11, 2011

the brood - February

sick sick sick.

These are the best words to describe this house and it's inhabitants at this very moment.

Well, the sickest right now is Elliott, though as he is slowly getting over whatver awfulness has kept him out of school this entire week, it is slowly attacking me. Sam has a runny nose, so really nothing different with him. Isaac is congested but otherwise ok. The only one really unphased at the moment is daddy. What a lucky bast... oh. Anyways.

Since I need to rest (aka drink warm honey lemon cider and watch Bones obssesively) , I'm going to give a quick run down of whats new.

Me. Not much of anything you would want to hear about.

Ian. Same ol same ol. (and still devilishly handsome)

Sam. Sam has been labeled the terror of the household. He makes everyday life feel like a scene from a high speed thriller movie. I can't leave him out of my sight. He is a curious and very intelligent child, and above all extremely stubborn. He has very selective hearing and an incredibly mischievious mind, and just about the sweetest smile you have ever seen that gets him out of most any kind of trouble he gets himself in to. Currently his favorite thing to do is help do dishes, and his least.. eat. For once. Who knew it was possible?

Elliott. The artist. Out of nowhere comes this wonderful drawing talent from a kid who complains about having to write his name on his homework. Soon I will be scanning in some of his trains that he has drawn with much precision. Seriously, it takes this kid up to an hour to draw one train. Sometimes I wish they would teach about trains in school, then maybe he would actually want to be there....

Isaac. 2 months old today. He's cute. Really really cute. And kissable. His brothers love him, and so far he seems to be prety keen on them. He smiles at everyone all the time, even when he's trying to cry. He discovers his voice more and more everyday. He loves babbling to the lion on his bouncer, which is nice, cuz I can leave him in it for a good amount of time and actually get things done around the house (like watch Bones). His clavicle is healed, so we now get to give him time on his tummy to stregthen his neck and such. So far he has worked alot on kicking his legs.. cuz he didnt get enough of exercising them while in utero......

So now... we just wait for Spring. And to feel better.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

the meaning behind the name - day 2

Well, this may be a hard one for people to figure out, so I will spell it out for everyone.

Cam - Cameron (our last name)
Fam - Family (it's what we are)
Bloggery - well, it just sounds a bit more fun than just blog.

So, there ya go.

Elliott drew some AMAZING pictures of all of us, and I was prepared to post them all here, but for some reason my scanner stopped working after the first image was scanned in. I think they are just too cool that th epoor machine couldn't handle Anywhy, I'll post the one of Daddy.

see you tomorrow. (or real soon anyways).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

why not - 30 days of blogging

A friend is doing this challenge, and I was intrigued. Depsite that my time is extremely limited, I figured i would hopefully, if anything, keep my creative mind going, and at the same time, inform people of what is happening behind the walls of my little prison. (I mean that in the nicest way).

So, Day 1 is posting a recent pic of myself and writing 15 random facts about 'me'. Seeing as I am never really myself, I decided to take a pic of me and my little sidekick (we are rarely apart). As far as these facts.. there are so many, and why I chose these 15 is just the way it is today. Maybe in a few days I will change them... I am, after all, constantly changing myself.....

1. I’m hot. According to my husband.

2. I make life waaaaaaaay more complicated than it has to be. It’s the perfectionist in me… And the stubbornness.

3. Contrary to popular belief… I eat. I LOVE food. I have grown to enjoy cooking immensely, and I have even been daring enough to include tomatoes and mushrooms into my diet. Next.. maybe fish?

4. Before I had kids, I never wanted any. Now I have 3 boys and I am having the time of my life. Really.. as crazy as it is, my life before kids seems almost pointless. hey have awoken so much in me.. and I am so thankful for that.

5. I never forget. Sometimes that’s a bad thing.

6. I am extremely passionate (obsessive?). I have a great love of nature, architecture, and interior design. Get me in Home Depot or an antique shop .. good luck getting me out. I would spend every day up in the mountains or deep in a desert if it were easier to do with my busy body boys. It’s where I feel the most at home…. In the wild. (too bad I hate extreme weather and require a hairdryer..).

7. I love to dance. If I would have gotten my way, I would be a professional somehow. I don’t know what kind.. maybe ballroom. I just really wanna learn how to dance like they do in Dirty Dancing.

8. I deny myself almost everything I want. It's a matter of becoming extremely frugal. I can plan a day of shopping, even save up for it, and talk myself out of everything I look at, no matter how bad I want it. If I do end up buying something I feel guilty. If I don’t, I go home and get really bummed out that I didn’t get it.

9. I gave birth to 2 of my children completely drug free. And it hurt.

10. I am far behind in the world of technology. I still listen to tapes and I don’t own an I-pod. … and I don’t care.

11. I am slightly obsessed with vampires. Romantic ones at that. I have been writing a book for over 10 years, one that has changed and evolved as my life has, involving vampires and other really cool stuff that I know you can’t wait to read!

12. I have a ridiculous love for period films. My favorites include Dangerous Liaisons and Scarlet Pimpernel.

13. I would love to have a job where I spent hours in the deepest parts of the ocean.

14. I have a pretty amazing husband. Rediculously handsome. A most loving and wonderful father. 8 years married and it keeps getting better.

15. I have no idea what my natural hair color is anymore. Its been 15 years since I have seen it. But that is about to change. If I can make up my mind, that is.
So there you go.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

boys boys boys

... (my oh my.... i got my hands full).